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Too often, people without an immigrant background are the only ones discussing immigration and multiculturalism. The voice of new Finns relies heavily on a handful of highly visible faces. The discussion about a multicultural and international life and problems solved together often takes place above and bypassing the people it concerns.
The speaker forum brings the voice of young new Finns into the public domain and to the development of organisations. The forum expands the understanding of Finns and offers new role models for young immigrants. The speakers at the speaker forum are trained, and have honed their speaking and performance skills under the instruction of professionals.


The MakeSomeNoise young people can be invited to speak at seminars and training events. Most of the speakers also speak perfect English. Their experience spans panel discussions, training events, radio interviews, and the Engaged Cities competition panel in the Cities of Service in New York, amongst other events. Some events are invoiced for. The fees are agreed upon case-specifically.


Sagal Hassan

sagal hassan

A woman wearing a hijab? When I introduce myself as a Muslim woman, people often focus on the first sentence, but in reality, I am a 24-year-old young adult from Helsinki and a future oral hygienist from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. With my attitude, I wish to promote young people’s education and diversity in Finnish working life. Therefore, social influencing and aiming for good things are close to my heart. You, I and we call all have an effect on our own lives, as well as the lives of others, through our actions. We can contribute to the kind of future we are building and the kind of story we are leaving for the younger generation.

Muttaqi Khan

muttaqi khan

Muttaqi Khan is a Finnish-born IT engineer with Bangladeshi roots. He is an active advocate for young Muslims’ affairs. History, politics and matters related to equality are among Muttaqi’s areas of interest. Muttaqi can very often be heard on the radio and taking part in various panel discussions as an expert on Islam. Muttaqi Khan is an active young Muslim influencer. Muttaqi represents young people with an Islamic or multicultural background by taking part in various public interviews and panel discussions. Muttaqi is a founding member of the Nuoret Muslimit ry association and serving as the president of the board for 2018. Muttaqi is an IT engineer by profession and works in the field.

Dorcine Mukarugira

dorcine mukarugira

Do you believe that having discussions and putting our heads together would make tomorrow better for everyone living in Finland? I do. I’m Mukarugira Dorcine-Ishimwe, a 30-year-old nurse from Vantaa. I’m interested in discussing immigrants’ services and their integration into society, their health services, multiculturalism, equality and religion. This interest was born out of my own experiences, as I arrived in Finland as a quota refugee at 17 to practice my own profession. “L'union fait la force.”

Mario Luna

mario luna

Do you believe that a constructive exchange of thoughts, rather than criticism, paves a road to a better future? Hi, my name is Mario. My track record includes overcoming the challenges of more than 150 productions ranging from concerts to dance hall rave parties and festival shows. I’m currently in charge of marketing at a new start-up company whose goal is to promote vegetarianism among larger consumer groups with encouraging and fun methods. New actions require a new way of thinking, and that way is based on how we react to change: whether we sit back as passengers or take the wheel together.

Jamila Mohamud

jamila mohamud

I’m Jamila Mohamud from East Helsinki. I studied technical design and graduated with a design assistant degree. I carried out my apprenticeship training at Sweco and got a permanent job immediately after graduation at the company’s Structural Engineering unit. I enjoy telling people how I ended up studying in my field and about all the things that I came across. I had no idea about my future profession when I was in comprehensive school, nor could I even imagine a profession for myself. I would like to draw attention to and act as a role model for young people who are having the same struggle. I want to use my own experiences to show people that young women have a place in male-dominated fields as well. I stand out from my co-workers in many ways. Not only am I a woman of colour, but I also wear a headscarf.

Watch me!
Hunderra Assefa

hunderra assefa

Hello! My name is Hunderra Assefa, but you can call me Hunde or Ali. In early 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Haaga-Helia, where I specialised in personnel management. I’ve been working in Muslim communities and with linguistic and ethnic minorities since the early 2010s, promoting relations between population groups and their integration into society. In particular, the Nuoret Muslimit ry (NUMU) and Monik ry associations are parties with whom I’ve developed ways to improve dialogue and carried out activities to promote employment among young people. I have plenty of experience with providing education, hosting events and taking part in and moderating panel discussions. In the spring of 2018, I began working as a leading youth instructor at the City of Espoo.

My passion is to think about the complex relationships between people, which often involve aspects that are seen as incompatible with one another. I feel that giving thought to shared dilemmas and concerns is the most effective way to promote functional relationships between population groups and a sense of unity between people, as well as to reduce polarisation. If the aforementioned themes are relevant to you, please contact me and we’ll talk more!

Asiya Badbaado

asiya badbaado

Do you ever think about how far you could get as a person if you could even momentarily shed some of the opinions that you have formed or others have formed for you ‘unnoticed’ over the course of your life? How we’ve been taught to stay away from each other? Hi, my name is Asiya. I’m a nursing student and a project manager at an NGO. Over the course of my short life, I’ve noticed that the most interesting discussions come about when a person feels important. I’m especially interested in people’s well-being, differences, peace and psychology. As a young woman from another country, I feel at home here. Of course, I’ve brought some spice from my home country.

Mina Bahmanpour

mina bahmanpour

Hi! I’m Mina, your average 23-year-old with a lot of opinions. Education and the affairs of children and youth are close to my heart, which is why I am studying to become a classroom teacher. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up between two cultures and therefore had the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. I know how to be both polite and upfront. I’m very social and at the same time I enjoy being by myself. I love bright colours as well as Scandinavian minimalism. I often eat (the pretty bland) Karelian pies, but also enjoy spicy food. Creating this combination and strenghthening my own identity hasn’t always been an easy task. That’s why I want to help the youth in their own path of building their identity. Through this, I ended up being one of the founders of a youth group called Mahdin Nuoret ry, where I’m still an active board member. The future belongs to the youth, so we should let them make some noise!

Aydarus Ibrahim

aydarus ibrahim

The most important things in my life are religion, family and helping others. I’ve lived in Helsinki all my life, and my family and friends are here as well. My roots are in Mogadishu, Somalia. I graduated from Helsinki Business College in 2013, and since then I’ve worked in supervising duties in different fields. In the army, I went to the Reserve Officer School and led a Jäger team. I want to motivate people through my example, words and deeds.

Hajar Mahdavi

hajar mahdavi

Hey! I’m Hajar Mahdavi, also known as Hami. I am an immigrant who grew up in Finland between two cultures and you will probably remember me from my laughter. I study medicine at the University of Helsinki. Throughout my youth people around me have made sure that I’m aware of how much I differ from others. That made my identity stronger and I’m no longer afraid of being different. I like to use my own personal experiences to help others. I’m one of the founders of a youth group called Mahdin nuoret ry and I’m still part of its board. In addition to that I’m part of a student organization called SMOV which stands for The Muslim Students of Finland and I also work among interfaith dialogue. I hope that everyone remebers that regardless from our backgrounds we are all unique and special individuals. Let’s not let our prejudices affect the way we encounter new people!

Tawab Qaderzada

tawab qaderzada

Hi, I’m a young man living in East Helsinki. Sometimes I wish I could just be a young person instead of a young immigrant. It feels like people define who I am by my immigrant background instead of what I think and do. I see equality as a mystery and something that seems to elude me, whereas racism is something that I encounter in my life every week. But what else could I tell you about myself? I’m also a diligent worker at an international fashion industry brand and I like mashed potatoes! In addition to my fashion work, I coach football teams, and helping people is a passion of mine. I’m like every other young person! I dream about a world that is equal and equally good for everyone!

Nahla Hewidy

nahla hewidy

I would like to challenge you right here and now. Stop for a moment and think about how the world would be without labelling, prejudice and racism. What would the world look like if people were seen only as people and not from the perspective of their skin colour or religion? Not based on where they are from, but who they are. Not based on whether they are immigrants or Fin... actually, what does it even mean to be Finnish?

I’m Nahla Hewidy from Helsinki. I’m a young library and information service professional who has been an active member of many organisations. However, the organisation closest to my heart is Nuoret Muslimit (NUMU) ry, which I have been a member of for many years. I often bring up the aforementioned questions and think about identity in my free time and at work alike. My hobbies include writing and performing spoken word poetry, which are fuelled by a dream of a more humane and better world where people are seen as themselves.
Check out a video of me performing a poem about identity and the influence of media on it below.

Delphine Umugwaneza

delphine umugwaneza

My name is Delphine Umugwaneza. I am a 25 nurse living in Vantaa. I moved to Finland 14 years ago with my family as a refugee. I am interested in discussing about the refugee’s services and their integration. I would also like to talk about the health services, multiculturalism and human rights. I believe that with my own experiences I can help others. I believe there is plenty of space for all of us in this world, regardless of our skin color, our religion of sexuality. Everyone’s story is unique and important.

Noor Assad

noor assad

Is a child of an immigrant an immigrant too? I don't think so. I also strongly believe that my kind of racialised Finns have more to say in discussions that are not only about immigration.

My name is Noor and I spend my freetime in the world of NGOs where I hold trust positions in the following fields: human rights, youth and politics. I am also quite an enthusiastic person and I have a lot of interests such as anti-racist work, intersectionality and interfaith dialogue.

At the moment I work part-time while studying and I travel whenever I get an opportunity. I really do love travelling because of the stories I get a chance to hear - and my curiousity takes me sometimes to unusual places like inside the tent of a Syrian refugee family, or the street next to Gaza's hospital that has been taken over for housing purposes by civilians.

Over time I have myself accumulated a lot of stories to tell. I also firmly believe everyone's story is worth hearing. Contact us so we can talk!

Gurmann Saini

gurmann saini

If you truly believe, that each of us is equal to one another, and that the way to reach world peace is through discussion and joining forces, please keep reading.

I’m Gurmann Saini, and among friends, I go under the name Guru. I’m a 21 year old cultural management student from Vantaa. During my time off, I produce festivals, practice mantra meditation and work actively in politics while acting as president in non-governmental organisations. I’m always willing to listen and share thoughts about convictions by means of interfaith dialogue.

I truly believe, that we are equal in the eyes of the Supreme. If we understand the importance of helping each other instead of forcing our own best and pushing others down, the world would be a better place. Living in harmony with other beings and nature, is the key to shared success. This does not only mean meditating lovely thoughts, but practical means in our societies, through politics and our careers. Peace is built through communities, so please take contact, if you wish to build a better society, together.

Eyüp Yilmaz

Eyüp Yilmaz

My name is Eyüp Yilmaz and I am Turkish origin economist who has graduated of Master of Science (Economics & Business Administration) from Jyväskylä University during 2018.

For me, diversity is an asset, which provides as best to create a fertile environment for finding own identity and achieve own dreams come true. Everything what I do is guided by the desire to give people something back and make the surrounding society and the world a better place.

In addition to my diverse work experience, I have experience in various organizational roles, student politics and running my own company. During my leisure time, I try to participate in sport, do volunteer work, read books, spend time with family and loved ones, as well as have good conversations about multiple topics.

The power of achieving things lies in people and in creating a positive spirit.

Our experiences teach and develop us more than we believe. Good conversations are those where the dialogue partners can learn from each other, increase their understanding and broaden their thinking. I look forward to have good discussions.


If you are a young person interested in participating in social dialogue, don’t be afraid to contact us. We welcome new young speakers all the time. All you need is the will and courage to speak your views and to share your competence with others, so that we can build an even better Helsinki for everyone. Don’t hesitate to join us!